Disguise Programming and Operation

With over 3 years of near-constant Disguise experience and use starting of while studying, I soon started taking on operator jobs not long after knowing the basics.

Over time these jobs have grown in size and complexity and include the use of systems such as BlackTrax and Notch integrated with Disguise, giving me a variety of experience in not only different types of shows but also with different systems.

Previous shows include European festival tours, large projection mapped surfaces with over 24 projectors as well as headline festival show with the use of BlackTrax and Notch in addition to install style interactive projects involving audience control and influence.

Interactive Technologies

Video has become so much more than just a 16:9 projected screen, audiences want to be engaged and involved in what is happening around them. Bringing in interactive elements of a production give another dimension to what the audience experiences, and consequently how much they take away from it.

Experienced in designing, procuring and building interactive systems for interactive and social experiences, installed pieces as well as corporate and exhibition knowing the best workflows for producing a successful experience.

Previous projects have included interactive slides and multi-puzzle interactive escapes rooms comprised of multiple systems working together in a syncronised and harmonious manor to deliver a truly unique experince to the audience.

Video Design, Programming and Operation

Video has become one of the biggest parts of many productions, often being the focus of the whole show and dominating all other aspects.

With more and more products, softwares and systems being introduced almost constantly, video is constantly expanding in its possibilities. Design of these has become critical in the way we produce shows, no longer does have a square screen behind the performance suffice anymore.

Designing and delivering these is something I have always been dedicated too. Whether it is designing the video surfaces for a projection mapped scenic piece, or designing the technical layout for a interactive immersive experince I’m always keen to push the boundaires of what is possible.

Project Management

Project Management can cover alot of areas, especially in the entertainment industry. Since the start of my working career I have always been leading people through situations, coming through with a successful outcome for the relevant parties. Successful projects come from consistent communication, constant monitoring and active leadership.

Over my period of study, and since then I have expanded my understanding of the key elements of project management and how these are relevant to the projects I have been involved in, leading me to take on project management roles over that time.

Projects to date include the management of a projection mapped church, as well as a headline set for UK grime artist Skepta.

What I Know

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