Auntie Pam’s Sweet Shop Website

Auntie Pam’s Sweet Shop Website

Website development and implementation

Amongst the many businesses affected by the Corona virus pandemic was a small independently ran traditional sweets shop in the heart of Bury St Edmund’s. Taken over by two close friends, Jamie and Dan,  in October 2019 they were forced to close their doors for business along with the many other businesses around them during the lock down of the country. In a matter of two days they got a website up and running to supply the local community with the community and expanding to national deliveries after a few weeks.

Their original website was set up in such a short amount of time to fill the needs that was demanded at the time, and although it was a complete success the website didn’t fill the future needs of the business going forward. With this in mind, I set out to build them a better and more suitable website for them. While my usual work is within the live events industry, i’ve set up several websites over the last few years and felt that I could build them a website that would be future proof their needs going forward.

Using the ever popular WordPress platform and WooCommerce integration to build a website that is clean, simple to use and represented a better brand identity for the business. The new website gives customers and staff a much more concise website to use, making the purchase of products easier for the customer and the process of dispatching orders easier for the staff.

The website is available at

As part of the website development, capturing and creating new imagery for the website was something that was also needed. One part of this was photography of the products, shop and images for use as background images etc on the website. The other part of this was to create graphics such as the cartoon sweets for use in parts of the website.