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My Working Career

My working career started at the local leisure centre at the age of 16 as a lifeguard, starting work as soon as I was able to. I soon grew into the role and expanded my experiences, ending up in the entertainment industry.

After a year as an apprentice, and a couple of years working as a freelancer I made a last minute decision to go to university. I graduated in 2018 with a First in BA (hons) Live Visual Design and Production. During that time, and since then, I have worked with a huge variety of companies and people, in a variety of roles across many countries around the world including Germany, Finland, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

Consequently, in a relatively short amount of time I have worked in multiple different types of productions which has given me the ability to form useful relationships with work colleagues and can lead when required. Thus far, whilst working within the entertainment industry I have had to lead teams of people; resolving and completing situations as they arise. I am hard working, easy to get along with, professional and friendly.

My Hobbies and Interests


Growing up in a family with a keen interest in all things automotive, I soon was a big petrolhead and as soon as I was able to learn to drive, I started, having my first driving lesson on my 17th Birthday.  Ever since then I’ve always had an obsession with cars, old and new. My biggest love is for a modified 1953 Ford Popular Hot Rod, that was previously my dads and now a project I have taken on and something that over time I plan to restore back to its former glory. But in the mean time, I just plan to take it out and enjoy with everyone as much as I can.


If I’m not out and about in a car or working on one, I’ll usually have a camera in my hand. Having a keen interest in photography since school, I enjoy trips out to various places and often try and visit areas while away to get in some photography. I enjoy various types of photography including automotive, landscapes, sports and portraits and have worked as a photographer at events, in nightclubs and bars and undertook commissions for people too.


After many years working in nightclubs and bars in a variety of roles such as a lighting technician, photographer and the occasional bar man watching others DJing to crowds of all sizes, and working on some of large dance events I wanted to try my hand at DJing. Just before we went into Lockdown because of the COVID-19 outbreak, I purchased a Traktor DJ Controller and started trying to teach myself with the help of some friends and the internet.